TNG Ladies Classic Watch

The Ladies’ watch with a personal touch and identity.

At TNG we have made a lot of efforts to design a classic watch for today’s women pursuing the best in life. Confident, self-managed in work and business, in family life, as well as in daily leisure and sports.

While investigating and having women be part of the project, we were challenged by the female attention for fashion, style and her passion for fine pieces of jewelry.

It was definitely not easy to do this, but in the end, we take so much pride in our achievements to bring a new collection of Ladies´ watches where we have managed to bring all together, while still maintaining a very specific authentic identity of each separate Dutch Designed and Swiss Made Ladies’ watch.

Every women´s TNG watch is a pearl in a women´s finest jewelry collection. On top of that, and as according to the promise of every TNG watch, it is a robust, high-end Swiss Made product securing reliable time keeping under utmost demanding circumstances.

Since the launch of our new collection, many women have Come Aboard because of their appreciation for the personal touch and identity that a TNG Swiss Watch provides.

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